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The Impact Of Nay-Sayers

Posted by collinsadmin on March 10, 2007

How many times in starting your own business did you have friends and family members tell you to get a real job, get a full-time job, or don’t be such a risk-taker? God knows that I have had my share of people telling me are you going to get a full time job once your kids are in school, why don’t you get a full time job so that you can make more money, or is it really worth the risk in starting a business.

The majority of us have been there right? If Benjamin Franklin wouldn’t have tied that key at the end of a kite string and flew it in a storm we wouldn’t have electricity right now. That was quite the risk, he could’ve died but it was well worth it to him and all of us. What about Bill Gates, if he wouldn’t have created the Windows software where would we be in technology right now? I guarantee we wouldn’t be as much of a technological society as we are.

The list goes on and on of risk takers. If you sit down and think about all the risk takers you will realize how beneficial these risks have been to modern society. Did they have family and friends who were nay-sayers about their business? I’m sure they did. What was the impact on the risk takers business? We might not ever know but whatever it was, it didn’t stop them from following their dreams.

The impact these nay-sayers have had on my business has been that I just have more drive and I am less likely to give up. Sure I still have a lot to learn about being in business for myself but, I won’t stop learning. I have always been one that when somebody tells me I can’t do it, I will do it just to prove them wrong. Sure, I have failed but that is when I admit defeat and continue on to the next thing that I am told I can’t do.

So why are these nay-sayers so prevalent, my opinion is because of three different reasons.

1. Jealousy
2. Don’t want to see you succeed (remember misery loves company)
3. They don’t want to see the friends or family members get heart broken when the business fails.

Here’s my response to those three answers:

1. Not my problem if you’re jealous be your own risk taker
2. If/When I succeed I would be a much happier person
3. Okay, maybe a little bit of a legit concern but, you learn by doing and from your mistakes so a little bit of heartbreak isn’t going to kill me.

One of the bad things about nay-sayers is it puts so many doubts in your head about your ability to run a small business that you just finally get beaten down and you give up. But you know what, nobody can tell you how to live your life. Nobody can make your decisions for you. If you have nay-sayers in your circle ignore them or tell them if they don’t think you can succeed then if your business fails they can tell you I told you so.

So for those with nay-sayers in your circle for every one comment that they give you, tell yourself two reasons you can do it.

For those who are nay-sayers, small business owners don’t need your negativity, they have enough other stress. Instead be supportive and keep the negative comments to yourself for if/when their business fails. If it does fail, be supportive not vindictive.

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