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What can a Virtual Assistant do?

Posted by collinsadmin on March 10, 2007

I know that a lot of people don’t use their virtual assistant to the fullest extent. There are also business owners who have no idea what a virtual assistant can do for them. In this post, I hope to put things more into perspective as to what a virtual assistant is, what they do and how you can use them to their fullest abilities.

First I will start off by explaining what a virtual assistant is. A virtual assistant is (as I posted previously) somebody who assists a small business owner in their day to day tasks or on a per project basis, virtually. Now a virtual assistant could offer website design, SEO (search engine optimization), bookkeeping, typing, answering phones, spreadsheets, or whatever you could think of that you don’t enjoy or don’t know how to do.

Think of it this way, what would you have a secretary or assistant do? Chances are they take appointments, follow-up with clients, type letters, organize the office computer, create a budget plan, create or update business and marketing plans, make travel arrangements, send out invoices, and much more. Well believe it or not, that can all be done virtually.

This is all possible with modern technology. Yes they can take appointments just by putting call forward on your office phone and your calls will be re-routed to the assistants’ office. They can clean up your computer by using some of the remote access software that is out there such as GoToMyPC. You can tell a virtual assistant what you want in a letter and they will type it up for you. There is just so much that can be done.

I know that a lot of business owners are afraid to hand off their work to other people. There are many reasons for it. I will try and tackle each one individually.

1. I don’t want to burden anybody else. Well, if somebody is offering what you need as a service, chances are you aren’t burdening them because they enjoy it.

2. I started this business and I will prove that I can handle it all myself. Sure, you started this business but do you really want to be run down and exhausted and not be able to enjoy the rewards of running your own business?

3. My spouse or significant other is handling all the mundane things (I get this one a lot). Okay, so this might be cheaper but have you asked your significant other if they enjoy it, if they need help, or if they are getting burned out?

4. Hiring somebody to do my work for me is expensive. Actually, I get this one a lot as well but honestly that is a myth. Sure you aren’t paying for it out of your pocket per se but you are costing yourself a lot of money. Just think, if you spend 2 hrs on your secretarial (administrative) work you are losing that 2 hrs where you could focus on marketing, getting in touch with clients, following up with clients etc. In that two hours you could get 5 more clients or keep 5 more clients that you have not spoken with in a while.

5. How do I know that I am not getting scammed? Very good question. That is when you ask for references, people they have worked with, how well they have done work. Think of it this way, how do you know when you hire somebody in-house that they aren’t going to steal from you, sue you for some unknown reason, be good workers etc. You don’t so the only difference is you are seeing those people face to face instead of talking to them on the phone or through email.

Well, I hope that this post has helped people gain some insight on the virtual assistant industry and how they can be beneficial to you and your business. Please if you should have any additional questions feel free to visit my website at Collins Administrative Services. Or you can also email me .

Until next time,

Tracy Collins


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