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Top Five Questions To Ask Yourself When Considering Outsourcing

Posted by collinsadmin on July 10, 2007

Many people have thought about outsourcing some aspect of their business but that’s as far as it goes. Most people are not even sure if outsourcing is right for them. In this article, I hope to shed some light on the difficult question, to outsource or not to outsource.

  1. Do I enjoy doing this task? This is a very important question to ask yourself.  Why? Because if you aren’t passionate or enjoy what you are doing, you will fly ight through it and not give it the attention it needs.
  2. Does this task keep me up at night? If something you are working on is keeping you up at night trying to figure it out or trying to get it done, then you are not getting the sleep you need and feeling refreshed.  This will lead to the feeling of being burned out very quickly.
  3. Is this a revenue generating task? If the answer is no then it’s time to delegate it.  After all, aren’t you in business to make money.
  4. Can I afford an in-house assistant? This is something you need to ask yourself.  When considering an in-house assistant, don’t forget to add in taxes, worker’s compensation, additional equipment, additional space and down time (ie bathroom breaks, surfing the net, personal calls, etc)
  5. Do I need to micromanage anybody who does work for me? If the answer is yes, then outsourcing is not the best solution for you and your business.  Most service providers that you can outsource to are small business owners themselves.  They got out of the corporate world to get away from micromanagers so chances are if you are a micromanager, outsourcing is not for you.

If you have read through and answered these questions and you realize that outsourcing is for you, please don’t hesitate to call Collins’ Administrative Services at 814-757-4345 or email us


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