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Credit Cards, Identity Theft and Customer Service, Oh My!

Posted by collinsadmin on October 20, 2007

With the fears of identity theft, credit card fraud and the ever dwindling good customer services issues facing our technological world today, I thought I would take a moment and tell you about an experience I had on Thursday.

I was in the process of making a purchase online for some virus scan software that has won numerous awards and is highly acclaimed.  The purchase was for roughly $65.00, not a huge amount by any means. I go through the whole process of making this purchase (of course making sure that the site is an https site)and it’s not completely processed on my computer screen yet when I get a phone call. To my amazement, it was my credit card company calling me to make sure that this was a legitimate purchase. I was like wow! that was quick. 

So once I go through all the questions they have to ask me such as, purchase amount, company name, security code etc I thanked the lady for making the phone call and verifying my information. It made me fill good that they were watching out for my best interests.

 Now some would argue that they are not watching out for your best interest but for the interests of the company because fraud and identity theft cost businesses billions of dollars each year. You know what, there ulterior motives are fine as long as they are protecting me from identity theft and fraud all while giving me good customer service.

You always hear in business that in order to get clients (consumers) you need to help them understand the WIIFM (what’s in it for me) aspect of doing business with you. In my opinion, their trying to help themselves by verifying purchases is also helping their customers.

Can you imagine what my life would be like if somebody really had my card and made that purchase or an even bigger purchase and my CC company didn’t call me to verify it.  It would take me months, maybe even years to regain my credit and my identity back because I didn’t get the option of stopping the charge before it went through.

 This credit card company has now captured my continued loyalty to their business.  Notice what a little bit of good customer service has accomplished and if they do this for every consumer, I guarantee people will think twice before switching their company.


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