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Working With A VA-Second In A Three Part Series

Posted by collinsadmin on February 26, 2008

Working with a VA – Once The Contract Is Signed

All VAs should have a contract outlining their processes, their liabilities, their confidentiality pledge, what is expected of the client, warranties, return of materials, terms of the contract, payments and any other issues that are necessary for that particular situation. The VA should then go over the following with their clients:

  • Instructions on how to get files from point A to point B.
  • Any usernames and passwords that are required for back office access.
  • If necessary, begin learning new software required to manage documents and projects.
  • If required, invoice for first month’s retainer. Retainers are standard in the industry, and may be required for many months.
  • Ask if there are any questions, comments or concerns.
  • A contract WILL contain legal language. It cannot protect your interests if it does not!  

The First Work Assignment 

Once the contract is agreed upon and signed by both parties and the necessary information is given, now is the time for the actual work to begin. By following the next set of procedures, it helps to ensure a long, successful partnership with a virtual assistant.

  • The VA and client should be prompt in returning phone calls and emails (24-48 hours).
  • The VA should be willing to send updates on projects when/if it is requested.  The client should also be willing to send updates quickly if they require additional or different information than previously discussed for that particular project.
  • A VA should be able to supply clients with some type of documentation showing exactly when and how long a project was worked on, when requested.
  • A VA should address any concerns, comments or questions promptly with the client should the need arise.
  • Both VAs and clients should take suggestions with an open mind from either party. A good VA will make suggestions to help you, while still listening to how you do business. 

The first few assignments are a time of getting to know one another, testing the waters, and learning a new way of working, for both parties. Patience with one another helps to facilitate the process of growing into a strong working team.

Once a VA is found to satisfy your needs it can become an extremely profitable and smart business move. Working with a VA not only relieves your stress, it also helps take some of the anxiety away that comes with running a business and being a solo-preneur.


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