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Working With A VA-Third In A Three Part Series

Posted by collinsadmin on February 26, 2008

Working with a VA – When It Doesn’t Work Out 

There may be occasion when the client or the VA feel that there is a major compatibility issue between them and when/if that time arrives it should be dealt with professionally. If compatibility is a problem then both the VA and the client will feel increasingly frustrated, and work will be impaired – this can be harmful for both the client’s and the VA’s business.

If it doesn’t work out, the following standard of professionalism should be observed:

  • Both parties should give each other a reasonable amount of time to discontinue working with one another.
  • The client should pay any remaining fee pertaining to work that has already been done by the VA.
  • Once payment is received, the VA should return any and all materials provided by the client, and when necessary, facilitate a smooth transfer of needed information to another VA.
  • Emotions should not overcome either the VA or the client in which either party starts to spread rumors or complaining publicly about either one.  This is both unprofessional and may result in legal action if harm is done to the business of the other.
  • The client should seek out another VA if they believe that those types of services could benefit them.  

No one wants to have a business association that just does not work out. But sometimes it does happen. Keeping things professional, and following through on the details helps to avoid personal trauma, and potential legal liabilities due to harm that is caused to the business of another.


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