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Excuse Me While I Jump In The Nearest Hole

Posted by collinsadmin on March 12, 2008

Has this ever happened to you?

You’re deep in thought either working on something or just off in LA LA land daydreaming, the phone rings, your forget your home number is your business number so you answer it simply by saying Hello.

To your embarrassment, you realise that it is a potential client and you are quickly snapped out of your thought process just in time to get all flustered and ready to jump in the nearest hole.

It’s okay, it happens.  In fact just today, it happened to me.  I was diligently working and the phone rang and I answered it simply by saying hello.  The person on the other line quickly says I’m sorry I must have the wrong number, I was looking for Collins-Admin Services. Before I get a chance to apologize, he simply hangs up the phone. That wasn’t even the worst part of it. The worst part was that his number came up private name, private number on my caller ID so I can’t even call him back. 

Needless to say, I wanted to jump in the nearest hole because of my embarrassment. I did however dwell on it for a while thinking about how stupid I was but then it was a mistake (hey, I’m only human) and there is nothing I can do about it now except hope that if it was a potential client, he calls me back.

Another thing that helped was a good friend/colleague of mine, Laura Wheeler, gave me some great advice.  “If you beat yourself up over it, you’ll harm your ability to function.” Words to live by.


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Big Idea from Small Town Wyoming

Posted by collinsadmin on March 10, 2008

A new trade association launched on the first of March, 2008, for MicroBusiness Web Service Providers. Conceived of from the middle of Wyoming, the new MicroWebmasters Alliance has lofty goals.

Why Wyoming? “Because Wyoming is all about MicroBusinesses,” says the association co-founder, Laura Wheeler. “Most businesses out here are MicroBusinesses. It has required us to think about web services differently. We then realized that those differences exist all across the world, for every MicroBusiness.”

The MicroWebmasters Alliance seeks to accomplish three primary goals:

1. To educate MicroBusiness owners in what they should be able to expect from a web service provider. “Too many MicroBusiness owners are getting ripped off because they don’t know what they need, or what they can expect to receive.” stated Kevin Wheeler, also a co-founder of the association.

2. To train MicroBusiness Service Providers in the differences in working with MicroBusinesses. Many service providers who target this arena do so because they lack experience to compete with corporate providers. “We need people who specialize in this arena – who have learned how to serve this clientele professionally, and who have learned how to do so profitably.” Laura said. The Association provides tools and training for MicroWeb Service Providers to learn to provide services more efficiently, and more affordably for the site owner, while still maintaining a healthy profit for the service provider.

3. To establish ethics and standards for MicroBusiness Web Service Providers, and to define MicroBusiness Web Services as a separate specialization from Enterprise Web Services. “The needs are different.” Kevin said, “The cost/benefit breakpoints are completely separate, and working with a MicroBusiness owner is not at all the same as working with a larger corporation.” The organization is gathering volunteers and members to work toward this goal, and has already published a set of Ethics standards for their membership (available to the public through the Association website).

MicroBusinesses are a fast growing market sector, one that is often challenged by low web budgets, and high needs. Their needs, though, usually do not require the higher end features of those that are commonly recommended for enterprise solutions, and with intelligent scaling, they can be met on a surprisingly low budget. Many service providers do not know how to prioritize well in scaling down their services, which frequently leaves MicroBusiness website owners with less function than they needed, wondering why their site does not work.

The MicroWebmasters Alliance may be found online at The association is a division of Firelight Business Enterprises, Inc., located in Medicine Bow, Wyoming. Kevin and Laura Wheeler are majority shareholders in the corporation, which also has a web services division under the name of Firelight Web Studio.

“Wyoming is a good place to start a business,” Laura said, “but it is hard… you have to learn to do business in a new way. That taught us to really see the needs of MicroBusinesses, and then to develop strategies to meet them. If we hadn’t lived here, it is likely that this association would never have been thought of.”

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