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A Few Ways To Use A VA For January 14th’s National Clean Off Your Desk Day

Posted by collinsadmin on January 11, 2008

Many small business owners work late into the night just trying to see the top of their desk, getting to the point where they see a small square of the desktop and feeling as if they accomplished something; only to come back in the morning to see that the ever elusive messy desk fairy has struck during the night. After letting out a huge sigh of disbelief, they sit down at their desks and gradually one by one start going through every post-it note, scribble paper and other papers hoping to find that one little square of desktop once again. This gets frustrating and overwhelming.

Being that January 14th is National Clean Off Your Desk Day, small business owners could always spend this one day a year and forward all their calls to voicemail, lock their doors and post a sign that says do not disturb but chances are potential clients will just go to a competitor and what about those other 364 days a year when their desk is cluttered.

Maybe they should think of hiring a Confidential Virtual Assistant. A Confidential Virtual Assistant can assist in keeping small business owners’ desks cleared by:

  1. Taking those scraps of papers and organizing them based on importance in an easily accessible computerized document where each task can be marked off as it’s completed
  2. Any papers that have daily reminders can easily be computerized so it automatically pops up on the clients computer when it is turned on
  3. Any correspondence that needs to be sent to clients, a CVA can very easily type it up and send it to the business owners clients.

The list of ways a CVA can help keep that desk cleaned off is endless.  Using a CVA would allow that desk to stay clean and clear for more than just one day.


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