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Stop Passing The Buck and Blaming Everyone Else

Posted by collinsadmin on August 5, 2008

Have you ever realized how so many people/businesses are willing to put the blame on somebody else before they will take the blame themselves?

Recently I was involved in a friendly debate about a certain big box retailer,  that we all know, setting up shop in towns all over the world and closing down all the mom and pop stores.  While this store may be responsible for a few of the little stores closing up shop, I do not believe that they are to blame for all.  It was said that this large store comes in and sells all of the items for really cheap and the small stores are not able to keep up with them so therefore they are going out of business.

Now here is the problem that I see with this statement and I am sure I will be getting some flak for this but that’s okay-if the large store is selling the exact same thing that you are selling but for a cheaper price, why not change the items you sell?  Now before I get everybody yelling at me about  “why should I change what has worked for me for years just because somebody bigger comes in”, hear me out.

Having a business and being successful is all about meeting the needs of consumers or other businesses.  What may have worked for the past 20 years may not be working anymore.  Take for instance McDonald’s, for years they have been selling happy meals with fries and fountain drinks but now all of a sudden everybody is on this big health kick so they needed to meet the needs of the consumers so now people have the option of having the basic fries and fountain drink or opting for the healthier version of apples and milk.  That is good business. They found a need and they fulfilled it.

I have made several mistakes in my business but not once did I blame it on somebody else.  Instead, I sat back and took a long hard look at why the mistake happened and what I can do to fix it.  People are so reluctant to admit defeat or failure or even accept change but in business, the needs and wants of consumers are constantly changing and you have to change your business along with them.  Take a look at technology, the personal computer is no longer all that consumers want or need.  Now they want, portability, speed, pictures etc  had the technological companies not met the needs of their consumers, they would have closed in a heartbeat.

So as you can see if somebody is encroaching on your “territory” you need to take a look at what you can do to compete with that particular business and still meet the needs of your clients.  So stop blaming the world when the solution to the problem lies within you.


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