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Social Networking Sites for Business Do’s and Don’ts.

Posted by collinsadmin on August 11, 2008

With the internet comes all types of different ways to reach potential clients both far and near, along with this comes social networking sites. Social networking sites have been a great asset to having a successful online business. However, the networking sites and how to utilize them confuse many people. Below, you will find a list of my favorite networking sites for business and what you should and shouldn’t do on them.

For each different site there is a couple of general rules to follow such as do not post a picture of you in a bikini, swimwear, speedos etc. Do not post something to just spark an argument or if there is an argument going on, don’t add flame to the fire it will only look bad on you. Don’t forget, your posts and profiles will be indexed by the search engines and if you are seen as argumentative and non-professional it will hurt your business. It only takes a short time to get a bad reputation and a lifetime to regain a good reputation.

Facebook– This is a site that was started mainly as a personal networking site where you can find old friends and classmates it has since also become a great business networking site. You can keep your colleagues up to date about what you have been doing so that they can get to know you better. It does take some time to fill out a profile and find some “friends” to connect with but it is very useful. Do update your status consistently that is one of the only ways that people get to know you. Don’t add every single application that is available on the site such as hugs, kisses, gifts, etc only add the ones that you feel will be beneficial to business. There are still people on slow connections that if your profile doesn’t load quickly, you may have just lost your best client because they won’t hang around or come back to get to know you better.

Ryze-This site has always been a business networking site. This site is unique because it has many different networks and much more interaction between members that makes it easy to get to know people and their business. You can sign their guestbooks, participate in conversations etc. Do participate as much as possible. Do fill in your profile and make it look professional but also put a little something in there about yourself personally. Don’t private message somebody with a business opportunity unless they specifically ask for it on one of the forums. Don’t spam guestbooks. A simple hi and comment on something about their profile or one of their posts will suffice.

Twitter– This is one of the easiest social networking sites there is. You simply answer the question, what are you doing and update it periodically throughout the day. You find other people you may know and become “followers” of their posts. This gives you the opportunity to get to know about their business and what they are doing. Do talk about your business without spamming. Do not just say hey, check out my website. Give them a reason to go to your website.

Front Porch Folks-This is a very new business networking site. They have featured members, a forum, marketing lessons, brainstorming sessions, and awards given to members for doing extraordinary things. This is a free business networking site (for now) where you can connect with other like minded people and post in the forums and learn about marketing at your own pace. Since this is such a new networking site, it has not run into any of the problems that the other sites have. No matter though, always follow the general rules for social networking sites.

So here you have a list of some of my favorite business networking sites. If you follow the general rules for every social networking site and some of the rules specific to each site, you will have a successful and lively business ahead of you. So, happy networking to you all!


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